Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 5 Digital Storytelling

Blog Post:Discuss the benefits and challenges that you anticipate from integrating video into your classroom. How can you best leverage this content to provide your students with enhanced learning opportunities? Do you use existing sources for high quality, relevant materials for your curricular area? If so, list the top two and briefly critique each resource. How can you integrate these resources into your curriculum in a meaningful way for your students?
I have no problem with integrating video into my classroom because I utilize YouTube all the time for demonstrations with clay and other media. Last year when we participated in a Raku firing I did an entire unit on the history of Raku and showed some wonderful examples of Raku firings on YouTube from all over the world. Students responded positively to the material because it's very difficult to explain how you would take out a molten hot piece of clay from the kiln and dip it in cold water to create a shock to the piece. The video was the only way to go and created an anticipation and understanding of the process we couldn't have achieved otherwise. I plan on working with Prezi this semester to accumulate a bank of informational art videos for classroom and home use. There are so many awful art videos on the market that are dry, uninspiring and staid that I think when I retire I could focus on creating some engaging videos and put them on the market (or open source them if my pension survives!)

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