Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 3 Linux-Foss

Read the article Open Source Content in Education: Part 2 - Developing, sharing, expanding resources.
Blog Post: Reflect on how the concept of Open Source content is compatible with educational philosophies such as the concept of the democratization of knowledge and development of an educated population. 
I agree wholeheartedly that our current educational system is not addressing the needs of the student of  today. I was overwhelmed by the Open Source article because I need a certain structure in order to learn and process and the open source possibilities are endless. I became frustrated when perusing the sites because there is so much to sort through. I would get excited by a title and then become disappointed with the content because it wasn't  applicable to my area. On the other hand, honing in and making selections using open source material is a great way to overcome and augment the sometimes very outdated, stale textbooks that we are required to use. Having current information that is more relevant to my students and sources I deem "educational" is a big plus. Teachers are great collaborators and inventors and the ability to invest in our students and share research and sources openly and freely is a powerful tool.


  1. I also felt overwhelmed by the number of open source resources that are available. I did not know where to focus my attention right away. I find myself spending a couple hours playing with software and then getting to a point where I was not satisfied. However, I also found that there were many upsides in the software and I will be able to incorporate some basic tasks through the software that are usually done with pencil/paper.

  2. Like both of you, I also felt a little overwhelmed and discouraged by all the resources out there. Interestingly, I found the best resources just by talking to my colleagues in my field and see what they're using. It was much more productive than going through each of the apps myself.