Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 3 Cloud Learning

Develop a student centered learning experience, assignment or assessment that utilizes the collaborative capabilities of Google Docs.
I have been using Google Docs this year and it's really helped streamline the process of keeping track of assignments and allowing instant student access. I can just say, "The information is in your Google Docs, JUST READ IT!"
Here is a sample of a final exam assignment:

Here is a sample of a student presentation for the art history component:
Sample of student slides with their own Tarot card

Blog Post: Post a reflection of your experience. List potential instructional situations where synchronousmeetings would lead to innovative or improved learning experiences for your students. 
I tried Skyping with a family member and it was easy to connect and read body language! A bit awkward at first, but it was nice to connect visually. I can see synchronousmeetings being useful for group projects, collaborating with home bound students, as well as offering opportunities to collaborate with students from other schools on projects. We have been involved with the Do Your P'ART organization and have teamed up with Chicago Public Schools and worked on art projects together. Skyping and engaging in online meetings would assist the process of connecting city & suburban teens with a common purpose.  

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  1. Hello Lori,

    I agree that technology, especially Google Docs eliminate the excuse of losing a homework assignment. I also am excited of how Google Docs allows you to become a more organized teacher.