Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Blog Post: Incorporating reflective writing into curriculum can help students develop an awareness of metacognition. What value is there in having students blog on a regular basis. How can you have students develop a blog to be used as an electronic portfolio? 
In my art classes students have to critique their own work and the work of their peers. I think setting up an electronic portfolio using DIIPO or the Dropbox would help students with the process of assessing their own progress, as well as building a visual portfolio of their work. 
Our classes are portfolio based and I really think having the students write reflections online would increase their ability to give authentic feedback in a positive and responsible way. Many times students are reluctant to share what they think in a class critique for fear of hurting someone's feelings or because they are shy.

Another great strategy for teaching would be to post a master work of art online and have the class analyze the work using the elements and principles of design. This would actually help students use formal art terminology instead of spending time delving into imposing their own narratives to a piece. Utilizing art terms will help students begin to think about actually applying the art techniques in their work. This would be especially useful for the AP studio art students.

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  1. I like the idea that anonymity can sometimes allow quieter students to develop a voice within the classroom, even if "within the classroom" means at home in front of a computer. You mentioned portfolios and I was thinking of using blogs to have my students reflect upon their own development as writers and critical thinkers, something which I'm sure you can do with each of your artists in class.